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Specimen Mount Tweezers
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Handle prepared mounts with confidence!




Special Swiss-made tweezers and German-made clamps have been designed for just about every known SEM mount. Avoid sample-to-sample contamination and handle SEM mounts containing important irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind samples with confidence. Facilitate the removal of prepared samples from SPI-DRY™ SEM boxes storage boxes without disturbing other mounts. (Not recommended for use with carbon pin-type mounts because of the brittle nature of the "pin" which can be easily broken off).

SPI-Swiss™ Pin Mount Tweezers - 3 mm Opening
SPI-Swiss GSR Tweezers - 25 mm Opening
Dumont™ Specimen Mounts Tweezers - 9 mm Opening
Dumont™ Specimen Mounts Tweezers - 7 mm Opening
Dumont™ Specimen Mounts Tweezers - 4 mm Opening

SPI Stainless Steel SEM Mount Clamps

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