SPI Supplies® Brand Ceramic Tipped Tweezers

Using the newest zirconia-based ceramics technology to produce the worlds finest ceramic tips on tweezers anywhere!


These fine, precision made ceramic tipped tweezers give all the best advantages of ceramics, including: high resistance to chemicals, excellent electrical insulation, unequalled wear and heat resistance and of course complete freedom from metallic contamination. Virtually nothing will ever leach out of these high technology zirconia ceramic tips to contaminate and ruin an experiment. Also, outstanding properties for temperature extremes at both very high and very low (cryo) temperatures.

We now add the first of what will be a growing family of EDS compatible ceramic tipped tweezers for those applications requiring conductivity in the tweezer tips.

Soldering applications:
Soft and silver solder will not adhere to the tips of these ceramic tipped tweezers

Temperature range of use:
From cryogenic temperatures up to 1000°C without changes in the properties of the ceramic tips.

Other useful information:
SPI Supplies also offers what we call all ceramic tweezers. They might not be immediately obvious, but they do have some advantages over the ceramic tipped tweezers, for example, the zirconia based ceramic is highly resistant to static charging. For example, the all ceramic tweezers are much less likely to collect dust particles from the air. They are also the recommended version of this type of product for clean room use. Hence, for instances where charging is detrimental, we would recommend the all ceramic over the ceramic tipped tweezers.

About the only chemical that will attack this particular zirconia based ceramic is HF. And while these ceramic tweezers will not last forever, they will last much longer than metal tweezers being used in the same kind of application. Hence their apparent higher price might really be higher in the long run.

Useful lifetime expectancy:
The lifetime any one user will experience will depend on what is being picked up and how carefully the tweezers are being used. In general, the ceramic tweezers should last quite some time in comparison to metal tweezers with tips that can be easily misaligned.

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