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Confused about the terminology? Whether you are talking about a "portable" microscope, an "inspection" microscope, a "field" microscope, a "stand" microscope or even a "hand held" microscope, chance are, you are talking about the same thing but don't realize it. Different manufactures have taken great liberties to assign different names for what are essentially the same products being made by someone else but known by some other name.

We tend to view them as "personal" microscopes but don't want to be guilty of inventing yet another name in an already confusing field. But they are personal in nature and what is right for you is really based on your own personal preferences. Some users swear by a particular microscope for one reason, yet others prefer a different one and for different reasons. The good news is that none of these microscopes are overly expensive and if it should turn out that you don't find it exactly to your liking, at least you have not wasted too much of your budget.

As a product group, listed below by manufacturer and brand name, all will find applications in product quality control, field inspections outside and external to one's main base of operations, for forensic investigations, crime scene studies, or just to get a closer up look at a surface, be it paper or metal or plastic. We know that these handheld microscopes are handy around any "real" microscope laboratory as a "quick and dirty" way to examine a sample before it is cut up into smaller pieces for closer examination by light microscopy, or even electron microscopy.

Portable microscope products available from SPI Supplies:

Graticules™ Brand
Inspection Microscopes
Through-the-Hole Microscope for PC Board Applications
PEAK™ Brand
Shop Microscopes
Wide Stand Microscopes
Brinnel Microscope
Stand Microscope
Pocket Microscope
Pocket Measuring Microscope
SPI SuppliesĀ® Brand
Linen Testers
Stereo Microscopes

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